Kanye West Makes TIME’s “100 Most Influential People”


Kanye West Makes TIME’s “100 Most Influential People” along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bradley Cooper, Misty Copeland, Jorge Ramos, his wife kim and more.

The Encyclopedia of Air Jordans By Jay Lawrence

the-encyclopedia-of-air-jordans-01 the-encyclopedia-of-air-jordans-02 the-encyclopedia-of-air-jordans-03 the-encyclopedia-of-air-jordans-04

The Encyclopedia of Air Jordans by Jay Lawrence is a 5 year long study dedicated to the Air Jordan Sneaker 1-29. This book features every model and colorway along with photos, prices and more.

$100.00 USD

Available now Here

Glow – The Autobiography of Rick James

glow-the-autobiography-of-rick-james-01 glow-the-autobiography-of-rick-james-02

He was the nephew of Temptations singer Melvin Franklin; a boy who watched and listened, mesmerized from underneath cocktail tables at the shows of Etta James and Miles Davis. He was a vagrant hippie who wandered to Toronto, where he ended up playing with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, and he became a household name in the 1980s with his hit song “Super Freak.” Later in life, he was a bad boy who got caught up in drug smuggling and ended up in prison. But since his passing in August 2004, Rick James has remained a legendary icon whose name is nearly synonymous with funk music—and who popularized the genre, creating a lasting influence on pop artists from Prince to Jay-Z to Snoop Dogg, among countless others.

In Glow, Rick James and acclaimed music biographer David Ritz collaborated to write a no-holds-barred memoir about the boy and the man who became a music superstar in America’s disco age. It tells of James’s upbringing and how his mother introduced him to musical geniuses of the time. And it reveals details on many universally revered artists, from Marvin Gaye and Prince to Nash, Teena Marie, and Berry Gordy. James himself said, “My journey has taken me through hell and back. It’s all in my music—the parties, the pain, the oversized ego, the insane obsessions.” But despite his bad boy behavior, James was a tremendous talent and a unique, unforgettable human being. His “glow” was an overriding quality that one of his mentors saw in him—and one that will stay with this legendary figure who left an indelible mark on American popular music.

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Marc Ecko – Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out

Marc Ecko – Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out

As instructive as it is innovative, Unlabel will empower you to channel your creativity, find the courage to defy convention, and summon the confidence to act and compete in any environment.

This blueprint will teach you how to grow both creatively and commercially by testing your personal brand against the principles of the Authenticity Formula.

Marc Eckō shares the bruising mistakes and remarkable triumphs that reveal the truth behind his success, growing from a misfit kid airbrushing T-shirts in his parents’ garage to the bold creator of two hugely successful branded platforms—Eckō Unltd. and Complex Media. As Eckō explains, it’s not enough to simply merge your inner artist with business savvy—you must understand the anatomy of a brand, starting with its authentic spine.

With Unlabel, you will learn how to discover your own voice by overcoming fear and taking action, what it means to deliver on your promises, why failure is essential, how to understand how your product or service makes people feel, and how to recognize if your nostalgia for the past is hampering your ability to envision your future.

Unlabel is a bold and honest approach to building an authentic personal brand and growing a bootstrap start-up into a sustainable business.

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Posters Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design Book


Posters Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design Book By PIE International chronicles the various posters and marketing material created for his feature animation throughout his successful career. 176 pages w/ full color photos, the soft cover book is produced in B4 size.

Wes Lang – American Odyssey Book

wes-lang-american-odyssey-01 wes-lang-american-odyssey-06 wes-lang-american-odyssey-05 wes-lang-american-odyssey-04 wes-lang-american-odyssey-03wes-lang-american-odyssey-07wes-lang-american-odyssey-02

Wes Lang American Odyssey Book (Monograph) is ten year collection of his signature iconography. His diverse repertoire of art can be found on Kanye West’s Yeezus tour tees and in exhibitions and museums worldwide.

Joe Mansfield: “Beat Box : A Drum Machine Obsession” Book

joe-mansfield-beat-bdx-a-drum-machineobsession-book-01 joe-mansfield-beat-box-a-drum-machine-obsession-book-02 joe-mansfield-beat-box-a-drum-machineobsession-book-03 joe-mansfield-beat-box-a-drum-machine-obsession-book-04

Joe Mansfield: “Beat Box : A Drum Machine Obsession”  Book features gorgeous photos of 75 drum machines by Gary Land (www.garylandphotography.com); background and facts about each machine gathered by Mansfield; archival advertisements; and interviews with master drum machine programmers and innovators including Davy DMX, Schoolly-D, Marshall Jefferson and Roger Linn. The range of drum machines covered spans several decades, from the 1950s to the late 1980s. For more information and to purchase a copy go here.


Houston Rap Book By Peter Beste

houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-01 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-02 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-03 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-04 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-05 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-06 houston-rap-book-by-peter-beste-07 Houston Rap Book By Peter Beste is a hard cover 272 page book that features an intimate look into the everyday life of Texas’s most notable hip-hop community. Houston Rap Book features profiles artists like Willie D of the Geto Boys, Lil’ Troy, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, as well as the late greats Pimp C and DJ Screw. Pre-orders began November 15, 2013. Look for the book to be on shelves November 25, 2013. Go here to pre-order.

Mike Doyle – Beautiful LEGO Book


Mike Doyle – Beautiful LEGO Book is 280 pages of stunning compendium of LEGO artwork, showcasing builds ranging from lifelike replicas of everyday objects to imaginative renderings of spacecraft’s, mansions, and mythical creatures. To purchase a copy go here.

$17.98 USD

Todd McLellan – Things Fall Apart Photo Book

Todd-McLellan-Things-Fall-Apart-Photo-Book-01 Todd-McLellan-Things-Fall-Apart-Photo-Book-02 Todd-McLellan-Things-Fall-Apart-Photo-Book-03Todd McLellan – Things Fall Apart Photo Book explore the disassembled remnants of 50 different items, ranging from a simple Swiss Army Knife to a dissected Blackberry. Glimpse into the things we take for granted everyday and view the evolution of the manufacturing process over the past 100 years.

Price: $29.95
128 pages
181 color illustrations
9.75 in x 13.75 in

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