Nike ‘What the Doernbecher’ Dunk Sneaker 2015

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Nike ‘What the Doernbecher’ Dunk Sneaker

The sneaker will be auctioned on eBay beginning June 11 for a 10-day period, as each pair will be encased in scrubs from the Doernbecher Hospital staff, as well as packaged in a one-of-kind box made from recycled skateboard decks. All proceeds from the sale of the “What The Doernbecher” pairs will benefit the hospital. Essentially incorporating design elements from all 13 of the program’s SB designs, as well as paying homage to the first Nike SB Dunk “What The” — this silhouette is extremely limited, with only 11 pairs to be produced — one of each size 8-12,13 and 14.

JBF Customs Previews His Own Silhouette


JBF Customs Previews His Own Silhouette that will be available to the public. Customers who place an order will be completely in charge of what materials, colors are to be used on the upper. The midsole and outsole will be imported straight from Italy with a choice of either a white or gum bottom. For more info follow his Twitter account Here.