Original Star Wars Trilogy Matte Paintings

star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-01 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-02 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-03 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-04 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-05 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-06 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-07 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-08 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-09 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-10 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-11 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-12 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-13 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-14 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-15 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-16 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-17 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-18 star-wars-original-trilogy-matte-paintings-19

Original Star Wars Trilogy Matte Paintings feature concept artwork from the first 3 Star Wars films. Chris Evans, Mike Pangrazio, Frank Ordaz, Harrison Ellenshaw and Ralph McQuarrie hand painting ships, backdrops and even stormtroopers.

ABVH 2014 Year in Review

avbh-01 avbh-02 avbh-03 avbh-04
Visit ABVH tumbler page Here to check out his portfolio of ingenious animations.

Future – Beastmode Mixtape Produced by Zaytoven


Future – Beastmode Mixtape is produced entirely by Zaytoven


Carbon Fiber Lego Tiles

carbon-fiber-lego-tiles-01 carbon-fiber-lego-tiles-02 carbon-fiber-lego-tiles-03 carbon-fiber-lego-tiles-04

Carbon Fiber Lego Tiles are manufactured in the U.S. and are made from 3mm sheets of high-gloss aerospace-grade carbon fiber in basic black. The 1 and 2 Tiles are available in packs of 10 and can be found Here.

AKG N90Q Headphones

akg-n90q-headphones-04akg-n90q-headphones-02akg-n90q-headphones-03AKG N90Q Headphones are designed with an assist from music legend Quincy Jones and featuring a proprietary software solution called TruNote. TruNote technology delivers auto-calibration using two microphones in each ear cup in order to measure the frequency response, which generates an accurate correction filter almost instantaneously. The dual-foam ear cushion and optimized pistonic motion driver work to avoid unwanted reflections and cavity effects, both necessary for optimal accurate sound reproduction. The AKG N90Q will be available Summer 2015.

Adidas Superstars 80s “Metal Gold”

adidas-superstar-80s-gold-01 adidas-superstar-80s-metallic-gold-02 adidas-superstar-80s-metallic-gold-03 adidas-superstar-80s-metallic-gold-04 adidas-superstar-80s-metallic-gold-05

Adidas Superstars 80s “Metal Gold” feature wrinkled gold leather throughout the body, the toe features metal gold implementation while black Three Stripes work the paneling. A mesh lining ensures comfort is at a premium along with more dark coloring at the laces and heel. Set to release at premium retailers late March 2015.

Levalet “Reload” Paris, France

levalet-reload-paris-france-01 levalet-reload-paris-france-03 levalet-reload-paris-france-04 levalet-reload-paris-france-012levalet-reload-paris-france-05

Levalet “Reload” is a new piece that is located in the 13th District in Paris France.

Takashi Murakami x Frisk Mints


Takashi Murakami x Frisk Mints will be available in two flavors, cherry and exotic fruit. The collaborative candies are set to release at Parisian super boutique colette in the coming months.

Rosemarie Fiore Conceptual Firework Drawings

Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawing-09Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-01Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-02Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-03Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-04Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-05Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawings-06Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawing-7Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawing-08Rosemarie-Fiore-Conceptual-Firework-Drawing-10 Rosemarie Fiore Conceptual Firework Drawings represent in his own way the magnificence and the festive spirit of fireworks using a variety of techniques such as collage, color bombs, paintings and objects on paper.

Porsche 918 Spyder Assembly Line 2014

porsche-918-spyder-built-by-hand-01Porsche 918 Spyder Assembly Line 2014 is a in-depth look at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart where the technicians assemble the stunning 918 Spyder. Video made by YouTube’s channel Cars.

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